Photos from the annual concert 2009 online!


Account on the workshop with David Childs!


Check out the upcoming concerts!


Welcome to the Brass Band Düren...

... one of the few "british-style" Brass Bands in Germany!

You would like to get to know the BBD?

Use the opportunity to see us live at one of our concerts. Under "News and Events" you can find where we’ll be playing next.

Under "band" you may have a look, who is currently playing in the BBD and the conductor is introduced, too.

In the "gallery" you can find some photos from former concerts, while you may have a look for the music we played at these events and play right now under "music".

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You already got to know us?

If we got you so enthusiastic about our Brass Band that you even think about supporting us on a more permanent-level, why not become a part of Brass Band Düren as a supporting member in our association. For further informations have a look under "the Associaton".

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